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Facilitating change is more effective than attempting to prevent it

((/dotclear/public/punaise.JPG|Punaise|L|Punaise, aoû 2009)){{Facilitating change is more effective than attempting to prevent it. Learn to trust in your ability to respond to unpredictable events; it’s more important than trusting in your ability to plan for disaster.}}%%% %%% Martin Fowler and Jim Highsmith

Inherent compromises of today’s project-oriented world

((/dotclear/public/punaise.JPG|Punaise|L|Punaise, aoû 2009)){{Do you want it quick, cheap or good? I can give you any two.}}%%% %%%  »Arthur C. Clarke »%%% %%% Courtesy: Cooney Training Services Pty Ltd:%%% > If you want a product, service or project to be:%%% > – Cheap and fast, it won’t be good%%% > – Good and fast, it won’t be cheap%%% > – Good and cheap, it won’t be fast%%% Source : ++[« What is a Business Analyst? by Derrick Brown and Jan Kusiak © 2002-2010 IRM Training Pty Ltd »||en]++%%%

Etre Agile

((/dotclear/public/punaise.JPG|Punaise|L|Punaise, aoû 2009))Lu sur le site __Être Agile__ de __Thierry Cros__ : ++[« Scrum + XP ou Lean ? »||fr]++ :%%% %%% {{Scrum fait vendre XP.}}%%% %%% {{Ne dites pas à ma mère que je fais de l’XP, elle croit que je fais du Scrum. :-)}}%%% %%% {{Demain, Lean fera vendre Scrum… Qui sait ?}}%%%